Amazon Prime movies Copied Durgamati & Laxmii Bomb

Amazon Prime movies release copied movie. At a time when moviegoers were relieving their eyes and hearts of Christopher Nolan’s experience of IMAX with Tenet, thus forcing him to abstain from the real cinema experience, Akshay Kumar gave us his beginnings. Were giving the version of Because he gave us two films in a row: Laxmii and Durgamati, both remakes of South Indian films, and both copies of other films. A remake and a sequel to the remake which is also a remake. Confused? We were also in the Amazon Prime video, Bhumi (Pednekar) acting, after running Durgamati.

Laxmii and Dargmati, two sides of the same coin

On November 9, 2020, Akshay’s Laxmii appeared in the 2011 Tamil Kanchan film Disney + Hot Star, both directed by Raghava Lawrence. Just a month later, on December 11, as a presenter, he gave us a remake of the Telugu film Bhagamathi, directed by Ashoji, as a gift.

The biggest difference between the two is that while Akshay leads the cast in the first film, he provides behind-the-scenes support in the second as a producer. The story, the premise, even the fact that the two films belong to the horror genre – anyone who has seen them will tell you – makes them incredibly similar. Why would I want to do something about a mystery that is not always solved at the end of a horror movie?

The name change, posters, humans got positions through devils

The fact is that human beings are hunted and eventually living with the soul is common in horror movies. So in this, Durgamati and Laxmii are the same. But what about the color scheme of the posters of these two films? Akshay and Bhumi look alike, the poster relies heavily on blue and red to create a mystery about the character, and both have bloodshot eyes. Why?

Spreading it a bit more, the Laxmii, actually Laxmii Bomb, had to change its title because a certain section of the audience was not happy with it. No such explanation was given for Durgamati when he changed from Durgamati overnight. As we said, some mysteries are not solved forever.

Why did Akshay Kumar do that?

We do not deny that you possibly saw the potential there. We certainly can’t see it. But we see how badly he was hanged and that’s really important. Blindly copying something that works for a sample TG and presenting it to another sample TG in 2020 is an attack on the understanding and understanding of all moviegoers. And let someone call it a crime.

Bollywood and Horror

The art of Bollywood horror has not been particularly memorable. There were some highlights, Tumb, D, Ladder, Perry maybe, but for each of them, there is a part of Ghost 1: Haunted Ship or Raus or Haunted Series. Glass! So why did Akshay decide to give us two films of the same genre one after the other?

Those of us who were hopeful were still optimistic, they set our hopes on the forgotten of 2007. It is not a complete horror but a psychological film, despite which there are many comedy films. And Laxmii promised something like this. But that hope faded before the door to a haunted house began to break down. Durgmati, on the other hand, was a stronghold of plots anyway. And in that, it is as we predicted: it was still as confusing and unnecessary as we feared.

Exceptional performance

In an interview for, Mahi Gail. Who is playing the role of Satyashi Ganguly in Amazon Prime movies Durgamati, said that she was introduced to her director, Ashok Ji. By summarizing the acting, on the first day of acting, about Mahi. She was a little anxious to share a story. He said: “On the first day of filming, when I was questioning Bhumi (Pednekar) on the scene, the lines were strong and interesting, but I was stuck because before I said that. Didn’t. There were some hints that Ashok Lord was telling us to do our job and we would say, ‘You don’t look very strong’ … If you watch South movies, you will see that physical language, the expressions are very different. ”

Bhumi (Pednekar) had a similar concern. Although someone like Anushka Shetty can overcome this haste and still keep it relevant, Bhumi (Pednekar) and Mahi are stumbling. However, Akshay gave us the same old wine, practically in the same bottle, just changing the label. If you ask us, and serving it twice in just one month. Really, if you’re looking for a scary story, this is one such story.

Akshay Kumar and Kiara Advani starrer LAXMII lacks the punch

No one should have seen Laxmii Bomb or Amazon Prime movies Durgamati. Especially in a year that was already so difficult. And yet we have seen both. Could her condition worsen this year?


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