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Coco To Onward: Disney-Pixar Movies To Cheer Up Your Weekend!


It’s weekend again, and as usual, some of us are wondering what to watch next. As it’s October, the Halloween month, the OTT platforms must be suggesting a lot of horror movies or shows, isn’t it? But worry not! We have some wonderful suggestions of Disney-Pixar movies that will cheer you up.

Whoever said adults should not watch animated movies is wrong! They might be animated, but the message and story it conveys, touches everyone’s heart. From Coco to Toy Story or Inside Out, we have some amazing suggestions for you all. Disclaimer: Grab some popcorns and a box of tissues too!


This movie is one of the best musical and Disney-Pixar stories. It tells us the importance of life, its purpose, love, family members, talent and music. A young boy named Miguel aspires to be a singer-musician, but the family hates the word ‘music’. Strange, isn’t it? The 2017 film by Adrian Molina and Lee Unkrich will warm the cockles of your heart. Trust us; you would want to hug your grandparents after watching Coco.

Inside Out

Don’t you feel weird when you are happy, and suddenly, you feel upset? What drives these emotions in our minds? Well, Inside Out is a story of every emotion – anger, joy, sadness etc. Director Pete Docter has used a little girl Riley and her mind to show how these different emotions functions. Inside Out is not just for kids, but even adults will relate a lot to it. Also, the voiceovers given by Bill Hader, Mindy Kaling, Amy Poehler and Phyllis Smith do wonders.

Toy Story (4 Parts)

We all enjoyed toys as kids, and who are we kidding? We love them as adults too. But ever wondered what do our toys do when we are not around? Toy Story tells us how even they get alive in our absence and have their adventures. More importantly, they love us more than we humans love them. This is a Disney-Pixar franchise one MUST watch!


Yes, we know it’s the name of a food dish. But you will be amazed to see the movie has a Rat playing the lead. Humans don’t like them; but trust us, you will connect with Remy, the Rat in Ratatouille. This 2007 film by Brad Bird is for all those who love cooking and aspire to be a chef. This is also a movie for those who can’t cook anything. Because the movie tells us that anyone can do anything if they have their heart and good intentions in it! After all, these positive ingredients present a perfect final product. So grab a plate of your favourite food and enjoy this tale.


Another movie telling us about the importance of family in our lives! This time, it’s siblings. There are a lot of people who live without parents. Their only family are their siblings. Same is the case with Ian and Barley. Barley, voiced by Chris Pratt is an elder brother who loves his younger brother Ian with all his heart. Voiced by Tom Holland, Ian is not as brave as Barley all the time. However, their magical adventure and quest to find their father strengthens their bond. The 2020 Disney-Pixar saga by Dan Scanlon is full of heartwarming emotions.

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