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John Travolta Daughter Ella uncomfortable with fame

John Travolta Daughter Ella is uncomfortable. John was married to actress Kelly Preston in the early 1990s. They were joined by Jett, who died at the age of 16, and Ella and Benjamin. Ella Is the one who wanted to follow in her parents’ footsteps and has already appeared in several feature films.

Who has never moved to the rhythm of fat in his life? And no one gave up on Danny Zuko’s charm and his passionate and complex relationship with Sandy. In fact, the musical film and, above all, John Travolta became a symbol of the whole generation. The teens dreamed of enjoying love this summer, along with songs and a soundtrack, which they saw a lot in the movie. After starring in a number of successful films, Travolta became one of Hollywood’s most respected actors.

Mr & Mrs. Travolta Love Life

Thus, both his professional and personal life began to take an interest in the press. And, of course, his private life was always quiet. Travolta married model and actress Kelly Preston, with whom they had three children: Jet – who died at the age of 16 – Ella and Benjamin. Preston died last summer after failing to control breast cancer. After that, both John and Benjamin, and Ella perished. That way, we were able to learn a little bit about the family and focus on 20-year-old Ella, the one who admires her father the most and, physically, the same. In Divinity, we tell you a little bit about Travolta’s oldest daughter.

John Travolta was born 66 years ago into a family with a wealth of art and, above all, interpretation. Thus, he soon became interested in this small world and developed some special abilities. He made his acting debut on the big screen in 1973, although when he actually won the tri, it was Saturday night with a fever and, later, grease. From that moment on, his participation in various Hollywood feature films was almost permanent and, even today, his career is still active.

How Mrs. Travolta met John?

She was recording a film, The Experts when she met actress Kelly Preston, who was in her twenties, but she had already made several films. It was about minerals that the two met for the first time and sparks flew, a tension that continues on the set. At the time, Kelly was married to co-star Kevin Cage, whom she divorced two years later. After their separation, the actress had a brief relationship with George Clooney and did not start dating Travolta until 1990.

A year later, the couple was already getting married in Paris. When she said, “Yes, I do,” Kelly was pregnant with her first child, Jet, who was born with Kawasaki Syndrome and was 16 years old after hitting her head in the bathtub at her summer home in the Bahamas. I had killed him. Prior to the tragedy, the couple had already become parents for the second time, for a girl they called Ella, who would become the right eye of her mother and father. The young woman, now in her twenties, is determined to follow in her parents’ footsteps and began filming at the age of nine as two very mature nurses, including Travolta and Preston.

Why John Travolta daughter Ella doesn’t like Fame?

The truth is that she has not always been more comfortable with the world of fame and that is why in 2014 she announced that she was bored of being famous. Also, during her youth, and as she will confirm herself, she suffered from various forms of ‘bullying’ due to her physical appearance. As such, she wanted to explain it through her Twitter profile: “People tell me I’m fat. Well, I’m proud of my weight, and if you don’t like it, get away from it. Like her parents, she is part of Scientology and does not usually attend many public events. Of course, we’ve seen this young woman, on more than one occasion, with her parents on the occasional red carpet.

He has appeared on the Avel de Janeiro show as well as Travolta. Where the good harmony between father and daughter can be seen. She is not very active on social networks. Although she has a profile on Instagram, where she usually uploads photos at least once a month. Last July, she used the place to say goodbye to her mother after she died of breast cancer. “I have never met such a strong and beautiful person. Thank you for your help and for making the world a better place. I love you so much, Mom “, you can read next to the artist’s picture.

In addition to her latest post, where she makes a clear reference to her mother. John Travolta daughter Ella also posts pictures on social networks with her brother, Benjamin, at the age of 10. On holidays in different parts of the country, her pictures as well as enjoying a concert, appear in her profiles.

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