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Rhea Chakraborty & Sushant Singh Rajput Case Update 2021

Rhea Chakraborty Sushant Singh Rajput case update. The Mumbai High Court has reserved its sentence. On a plea by the sisters of the late actor Sushant Singh Rajput to quash the FIR filed against him by actress Riya Chakraborty.

Riya Chakraborty had lodged an FIR with the Mumbai Police in Bandra on September 7 last year. The case was transferred to the CBI, which is investigating the death of Sushant Singh Rajput. In the FIR, Riya Chakraborty alleged that the sisters had bought fake medicines for Sushant Singh Rajput before their death.

Petitioners Priyanka and Meetu addressed the court last year. His lawyer Vikas Singh argued in court that the doctors had prescribed the medicine through telemedicine as per the ICMR guidelines at the time.

He added that “the FIR is a case in point” and that “it is part of the same investigation that the CBI is conducting.” Additional Attorney General Anil Singh, appearing for IWC, addressed the court and supported the claim of Sushant Singh Rajput’s sisters that the FIR should be quashed.

Defenders Point of view

However, defender Devit Kamat and defender Satish Manishinde from Rhea Chakraborty, who appeared for the Mumbai police, vehemently opposed the request. Manishinde argued that “for 14 months when Reha was with SSR [Sushant Singh Rajput], she consulted five psychiatrists and was taking the medicine prescribed by them. An SSR servant The death of the SSR a few nights earlier had added four pairs to the SSR. And when the SSR died, these joints were not. Doctors said the drugs and medicine were fatal. There is a combination and Rhea told him not to take drugs. ”

Manishinde added that in June 2020, Riya Chakraborty got into a fight with the SSR and refused to. “Act like a doorman”, leaving her home and blocking her phone number. Riya Chakraborty’s lawyer said it was the sisters who were with him and had prescribed the medicine alone.

WhatsApp conversation Between Sushant & Rhea

Kamat read some WhatsApp messages between the sisters and SSR. He said: “When a sister, Priyanka, asked him to take medicine, he replied. No one gives it without a prescription.’ So he took the prescription and sent it to her. After that, she sends a message, “If anything can be said, check online.” She clearly claims that it was an online consultation. ۔

Referring to the prescription, Kamat said.”Someone went to the OPD of a Delhi hospital, consulted a doctor. And took the prescription. It is not an OTC drug. And the petitioners also referred to the Telemedicine Act. You have to be satisfied with the patient’s identity and you have to go through the patient’s needs before you can get a prescription. The prescription was given by a cardiologist who is just another case. There is a question of character and it needs to be investigated. ”

Reacting to these arguments, Vikas Singh said, “It was a closed situation. Any caregiver can be authorized to obtain drugs through a patient.

Manishinde argued that Riya’s FIR could not be claimed. As the real complaint in the SSR case registered in Patna was from the father and not from the sisters. “The circumstances of the death should be investigated and why they should be stopped from investigating the matter,” Manishende argued.


He said the only place where Riya Chakraborty could file a case was in Bandra, Mumbai. Manishende said the case was registered as per the order of the Supreme Court and was transferred to the CBI.

At the end of the storylines of rhea Chakraborty Sushant Singh Rajput case the division bench read: “Whatever it is, his [Sushant Singh Rajput] looks very good and very good man and many people like him for his role in MS Dhoni. What: The Untold – Story.




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